Artificial Economics
Lille, September 15-16, 2005

Accepted papers


LNEMS 564 cover Proceedings of the conference have been published as the volume 564 of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems serie published by Springer under the ISBN number 3-540-28578-4.

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  1. Stock price dynamics in an artificial multi-agent stock market with heterogeneous investors
    Arvid O.I Hoffmann, Sebastiano A. Delre, Henk Von Eije, Wander Jager
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  2. Collective Efficiency in Two-Sided Matching
    Akira Namatame, Tomoko Fuku
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  3. Learning in a continuous double auction market
    Marta Posada, Cesarea Hernandez Iglesias, Adolfo Lopez-Paredes
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  4. Market Failure Caused by Quality Uncertainty
    Segismundo S. Izquierdo, Luis R. Izquierdo, José Manuel Galan, Cesareo Hernandez
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  5. Learning and the Price Dynamics of a Double-Auction Financial Market with Portfolio Traders
    Andrea Consiglio, Valerio Lacagnina, Annalisa Russino
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  6. The implications of case-based reasoning in strategic contexts
    Luis R. Izquierdo, Nicholas M. Gotts
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  7. A model of Myerson-Nash equilibria in networks
    Paolo Pin
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  8. Emergence of a self-organized dynamic fishery sector : application to simulation of the small-scale fresh fish supply chain in Senegal
    Jean Le Fur
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  9. Time Series Properties from an Artificial Stock Market with a Walrasian Auctioneer
    Detlef Seese, Thomas Stümpert, Malte Sunderkötter
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  10. Multi-agent model of trust in a human game
    Catholijn M. Jonker, Sebastiaan Meijer, Dmytro Tykhonov, Tim Verwaart
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  11. Complex dynamics and empirical evidence
    Domenico Delli Gatti, Edoardo Gaffeo, Gianfranco Giulioni, Mauro Galleti, Alan Kirman, Antonio Palestrini, Alberto Russo
  12. Noisy trading in the large market limit
    Mikhail Anufriev, Giulio Bottazzi
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  13. Firms adaptation in dynamic economic systems
    Lilia Rejeb, Zahia Guessoum
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  14. How Do Differences among Order Distributions Affect the Rate of Investment Returns and Contract Rate
    Shingo Yamamoto, Shihomi Wada, Toshiji Kawagoe
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  15. A Counterexample for the Bullwhip Effect in a Supply Chain
    Toshiji Kawagoe, Shihomi Wada
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  16. The precariousness of multi-agents simulation results - the example of reinforcement learning in the Ultimatum game
    Fabrice Le Lec
  17. Emergence in multi-agents systems : cognitive hierarchy, detection, and complexity reduction
    Jean Louis Dessalles, Denis Phan
  18. Market dynamics and agents behaviors : a computational approach
    Julien Derveeuw
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  19. Firm Size Dynamics in a Cournot Computational Model
    Jason Barr, Francesco Saraceno
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  20. Traders imprint themselves by adaptively updating their own avatar
    Gilles Daniel, Lev Muchnik, Sorin Solomon
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